The solution to the smart cash register often automatic restart

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
Internet + age now, go out consumption, a mobile phone, WeChat, pay treasure, sweep code can pay, only need to use smart shops cash register. But if the smart cash register frequently appear automatically restart the system, it is very influence store operations, then what's the reason that leads to intelligent automatic restart the cash register?

1。 Software is not compatible with the
if it is software or driver is not compatible with intelligent automatic restart the cash register, you will need to further screening, conduct the troubleshooting work must have certain basic computer knowledge, but also need the cashier recalled recently made the changes for intelligent register system, and recently added what software or drivers.
2。 Hardware problems
intelligent automatic restart fault does not rule out the cash register was caused by a hardware, then need professional and technical personnel to detect problems, small make up recommend return relevant intelligence cash register manufacturer for repair.
3。 Trojan virus
Trojan virus can lead to many strange problem of intelligent register happen, intelligent automatic restart is no exception for no apparent reason, the cash register to this small make up recommend using antivirus software detected, remove Trojan virus.
smart cash register display black screen?
A, smart cash register whether cable breakage or deformation of monitor.
B, smart cash register displays whether the power cord, data line connected; Whether can change to another computer to normal display.
C, if there is no electricity supply. Check the intelligent chassis power supply interface and the power cord current situation of the cash register, check the main box power of intelligent register interface and the power cord is loose and monitor whether open, if the interface and the power cord is broken broken shall timely replacement; Confirm whether the power supply fan exhaust.
D, if you are in work, intelligent appears black screen off and on the cash register, this is the influence of voltage instability, voltage stability when will return to normal.
for smart cash register automatic restart solution is often to share here, intelligent integration of mobile payment and cash register set take-away at an organic whole, can manage inventory. Is more commonly the Android system, based on cloud technology development, data stored in the cloud.
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