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To meet with the increasing demand of applying the handheld pos terminal and printer for lottery ticketing system, our terminals can be customized to come with multiple functions based on customer's requirement, not only for selling lottery ticket and printing ticket, but also for verifying the winning number, issuing the daily report, etc..


1. Customer goes to the shop to buy lottery, and tell operator the numbers he wants.
2. Operator inputs the numbers and other information via the terminal. Then this info. is sent to server.
3. Server verifies the info and sends the ticket info to terminal.
4. Terminal prints out a  ticket and save the exclusive ID number in terminal for future check purpose
5. For play winner, they can bring the ticket to operator asking for cash (Operator eye-check first and send exclusive ID number to platform for further check .)
6. Platform check the number . If correct, send the confirmations to terminal and operator pays for the cash.

DIY Lottery Receipt Format
There are tools provided for logo DIY, layout format DIY. Users are allowed to create the format by their own and upload xml files to the machine.

And there're instruction of special strings for creating format through data sent from the server.

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