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It issues and prints bus tickets for passengers. The working flow (menu) could be customized based on different requirement, which provides convenience for the management of road transport corporations and private bus operators.
Field Executives can login and logout with each shift for direct accountability of any money collected and transactions performed.

How it works

It can be done via both online and offline mode.
1) Offline Solution
Set up the details of the routes, administrator password to the printer.

For Administrator
Step 1: Press a key in the printer, and input the admin password.
Step 2: Select the exact route for bus, add the conductor’s name and set up his password.

For Conductor
Step 1: Press a key in the printer to select his name and input his password.
Step 2: When a passenger goes to the bus, conductor select the start station, destination, ticket type(e.g. Adult,Child, Student,Luggage,etc.), then input the amount and printer print out the ticket.
Step 3: When a day finished, the administrator can input the admin menu to check the total amount, and also upload the ticket record to PC in a txt file.

2) Online Solution(printer communicate with server:
Step 1: when a passenger goes to the bus, the conductor select the route. The server sends the exact stations to the printer.
Step 2: Conductor selects the start station, destination, ticket type (Adult,Child,Student,Luggage,etc.). Printer sends all these information to server, and the server calculates the total amount callback to printer. Printer print out the ticket.

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