Woocommerce plugin

Goodcom provides free plugin for integrating the goodcom printer and android pos terminal (GcAnyOrder App) with wordpress woocommerce stores. The orders placed through a woocommerce store will be received by the printer or GcAnyOrder app automatically. Restaurant owner will accept the order and select time for delivery, or reject the order and select unavailable reason. The feedback will return to the woocommerce store and the status of the order will be updated - completed (accepted by goodcom printer).

Contact with us if you need a test before your purchase! 


Check or change the settings for integrating the Goodcom Printer with Woocommerce


Connect to the printer (GT6000S, GT6000SW), or to the Android Pos Terminal with GcAnyOrder App. Upload the settings to the printer through Parmtool.exe or through Remote Setting url: http://goodcom.cn/dl/login.php.

For remote setting, please obtain the terminal ID through printer menu - settings - remote setting, or through GcAnyOrder App - settings - general setting - remote setting.



Change the sttings listed as below, then click upload. For fielpath and callback url, please set the website url of your woocommerce store. 

Email Order Printing:
It could be set up with an email account: email ID, password, POP3 or IMAP Server and port. The Pos will auto print the received emails (orders), asks restaurant's confirmation, then reply back delivery time.
Support both text/plain and html email format
Easy operation.



Own-designed Features:
> Remote Setting - Web interface, can be done from a remote location
> Remote Upgrade - Upgrade software/settings from web server
> DIY layout format - Company logo, page header, foother, item display, etc.
> Admin Control - restart the device remotely
> Trace Tool - trace log when an issue is happening, helps a lot for resolving it fast.

Available Models

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