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Easy Management of Online Orders for Contactless Delivery During Covid- 19


Due to the covid- 19 coronavirus outbreak, most of restaurants dinning- in business closed down to stop the spread. To supply food for people isolated in their rooms and buildings, they launched Contactless Delivery instead. They are opening online restaurants through ordering platforms and mobile apps. Consumers order food online, the restaurant receives the order and prepares food for contactless delivery

For those online restaurants, we provide Android POS terminal and Wireless 3G, GPRS, SMS Printers for easy management of food orders. Orders sent from online ordering platforms or apps to the restaurants via remote data transfer, email, or SMS. We receive the order through one of those ways, print it out, and ask for acception or rejection, then reply back to the ordering platform or app. The setup will be easy for SMS mode by giving a sim card to the Android POS Terminal or the SMS Printer, and for Email mode by setting an email account to the Android POS Terminal or the Email Order Printer. For data transfer mode, we provide communication protocol for server configuration, to integrate the ordering platform with the WIFI, 4G, 3G, GPRS Printer.

Besides, for restaurants build their online ordering platform via WORDPRESS or OPENCART, we provide the Printer Plugin and help install it to their system. No other specific configuration will be needed, it's a ready to use solution for these types of online ordering platforms. 

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Check out here if you'd like to see how it works via video : https://www.posgoodcom.com/online-food-ordering

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