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6 inch Touch Screen Android Pos Terminal Coming Soon


2021 Goodcom New Arrival 
6 inch Touch Screen Android Pos Terminal
Coming Soon
Goodcom has spent quite a long period to develop the Handheld Android Pos Terminal model with our own design of outer case, hardware, and software. We've done researches on the customer's requirement of the appearance, functionality and user experience. After finished the design, we spent months testing the stability of the unit. Now we are glad to announce that it's ready!                                                                                                                                                                                    .
  • 01
    2GB RAM & 16GB FLASH
    The default version is 1GB RAM & 8GB Flash. However to meet different customer's requirement, it's optional to come with 2GB RAM& 16GB flash.
  • 02
    45mm larger paper roll size
    The design of the paper container allows to place the paper roll with 45mm diameter, which means it doesn't need to change the paper roll too often. 
  • 03
    Can work without battery
    Different from normal android pos terminal, this unit can be powered either with battery or with power supply. It adopts DC charging, can connect with power supply all the time.
  • 04
    Highly Customizable
    Customized services provided for Colors and functionality: fingerprint, NFC, Magnetic stripe, smart card reader, camera, etc.
  • 05
    Free Apps
    Free app for management of online orders; Free app for parking management; Free app for USSD top up. 
  • 06
    ISO / CE certificate
    ISO Certified factory with 17 years of experience. All of the products are CE certified 
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