Online Food Ordering

1. The customer places the order by mobile pos solutions either via Mobile APP or website.
2. The web server generates the order, and sends to the printer via Wifi, 4G, 3G, GPRS or SMS.
3. The terminal receives the order, and prints it out.
4. The user can accept the order selecting the expected delivery time (e.g. 15 mins), or reject the order.
5. The terminal sends the callback to the web server and customer.

Mobile Topup And Airtime Recharge

1. The customer wants to do top up via retail pos system, and comes to the agent / shop.
2. The user initiates the transactions on the printer. He enters to the printer menu and selects the mobile operators, enters the mobile phone and the amount.
3. The information is sent to the server or SMS gateway.
4. The server or SMS gateway receives the information and responds to the printer.
5. The printer receives the response from web server and prints the receipt, including the contents of transaction ID, Mobile No., Amount, Operator, etc.

Bus Ticketing

It can be done via both online and offline mode.

1) Offline Solution
Set up the details of the routes, administrator password to the printer.

For Administrator
Step 1: Press a key in the printer, and input the admin password.
Step 2: Select the exact route for bus, add the conductor’s name and set up his password.

Car Parking

1. When car comes, the operator enters the parking time and license plate number on the POS terminal
2. POS Terminal prints a ticket including date, time, license plate number and operator id,  also can be generated a bar code or qr code with these info. 

3. When the car leaving, car owner gives the ticket to operator, then operator check the time and POS will calculate how much it costs. Operator can also scan the bar code or QR code of ticket, which will auto calculate how much will cost.
4. If it exceeds the time, the POS will print the receipt with extra payment.

Mobile Payment

1. Customer tops up this mobile wallet using this own account.
2. The account on the mobile operator receives the payment and notify the billing system via integrate API.
3. System acknowledges the payment received /confirmed by sending the payment code or confirmation code via SMS to customer.
4. Vendor POS communicate with billing system to verify the codes.
5. Customer uses this payment confirmation code to purchase/confirm the transaction.


1.Customer goes to the shop to buy lottery, and tell operator the numbers he wants.
2.Operator inputs the numbers and other information via the terminal. Then this info. is sent to server.
3.Server verifies the info and sends the ticket info to terminal.
4.Terminal prints out a  ticket and save the exclusive ID number in terminal for future check purpose
5.For play winner, they can bring the ticket to operator asking for cash (Operator eye-check first and send exclusive ID number to platform for further check .)
6.Platform check the number . If correct, send the confirmations to terminal and operator pays for the cash.

Utility BIll Payment

1. The customer goes to the shop and wants to do the bill payment.
2. The agent initiates the transaction on the POS, select / inputs the info of bill details, e.g. water / utility, etc., bill payment ID, amount.
3. The info. is sent to the web server.
4. The server returns the data to the terminal, and the terminal prints out the receipt.

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