Teach you how to see the parameters of the barcode scanner

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
Parameter 1: scanning depth of field
what is the depth of field? The depth of field is a kind of camera language, refers to the camera lens or other imager front can get clear image of imaging before and after the determination of the subject of object distance range. A picture of a small depth of field, is less clear scope. A picture of a large depth of field clear scope is bigger. So if the barcode scanner to scan the depth of field, the greater the you of remote barcode scanners can sweep to the distance. Whereas the barcode when you need to be very close to sweep the bar code scanner, that means the barcode scanner to scan the relatively small depth of field. 2:
parameter scanning speed
scanning speed refers to the laser barcode equipment in speed, while reading the barcode information is usually measured there are two units: one kind is line per second, is a kind of times per second. Due to the laser scan code instrument is formed by laser motor continuously rotating laser beams to read bar code information, so often, we will use to describe a second scan code first instrument scanning speed. Theoretically, the faster scanning speed, the shorter the time for read bar code.

the three parameters: scanning accuracy
scan is mainly used for precision of lesions displayed in high resolution image. Theoretically, high accuracy, large measuring range of code. But due to the depth of field and the scanning speed and the influence of such factors as constraints, the higher the scanning accuracy is not better, if the larger barcode scanning size and may be misinterpreted.
four parameters: the CMOS, CIS,
CMOS and CCD is a read-write RAM chips on the mainboard, inside is about the specific parameters of the system configuration, its content can be setup to read and write. CMOSRAM chips by button battery, even if the system information will not be lost when the power is cut off.
CIS is CMOS Image Sensor is a CMOS Image Sensor. CIS in CMOS process and production of image sensor, the image information is obtained by voltage transmission.
the CCD is a charge-coupled device sensors, imaging by the accumulation of electronic, image transmission is done by charge transfer. Its dynamic range and noise than CIS are good, but power consumption is big. Advantage advantages of CCD in the CIS process forward gradually shrinking, even by CIS.
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