Popular science campus supermarket ┋ why sweep code gun can buckle the money go?

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
Why supermarket sweep code gun can buckle the money go?
you found? Parents don't take money, have to mobile phone, go to the supermarket milk things sweeps can pay, but why use a supermarket sweep yards gun can buckle the money come?
actually supermarket sweep the yard not just can open, he needs to merchants pay to pay treasure or WeChat application, but also need to submit all kinds of information, and then pay treasure or WeChat will verify the information of applicants, selected accord with qualification of merchants, after approval to sign an agency agreement.
to sign an agency agreement, merchants can directly use scan code gun scan code buckles money?
this process actually use cash with us about a point. We use the cash payment to the businessman, for example, in fact what also need not input password, only need to both sides can be confirmed. Use cash can retreat more fill less, and businessmen use deductions flicking code gun code actually can do it, also deducted the user more merchants such as money, that is can apply for to pay treasure to a refund.
the businessmen use flicking code gun code safe? Our secret will leak out?
may have friends will say, now that don't have to enter a password can deductions, the one thousand print your payment code, others take to pay for, his loss not big?
in fact this is there is no need to worry, merchants when esau code, mainly based on the bar code to collection, but this is not the same as the bar code every time, will probably change dozens of times a minute, also said that your current display code of payment, may expire after a few seconds. So even if someone else pay the current code print down. If you don't trust yourself, you can manually to avoid tight shut off payment function, others by flicking code gun after your code, you can manually enter the password to confirm payment.
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