Label printing software in the application of 'print background'

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
In add background printing label with label printing software, may have no need to print background images, because some label paper is blank label paper, paper labels for some it is a template information, such as some of the supermarket's commodity label paper, label paper goods labels on the template, you just need to print the commodity information. Let's look at the printed in the label printing software and not set print background contrast.
run label printing software, to create a new label, according to the steps in Settings, select a printer, set the label size, and other information, and then add background, do not check the print background.

in the template tag to add the corresponding commodity information, In order to batch print commodity information, commodity information by database import) 。

print preview to look at, not set to print the effect of the background, you can see add background is not be printed, This is suitable for have template tag label paper printing) 。

then set printed in the label printing software, print preview to see the effect again, printed label template and commodity information together ( This is suitable for blank label paper printing) 。

to sum up, in the label printing software can be set according to their own label paper flexible whether print background images, some friends may wonder, since not print background why add background, add its benefits after natural background, after adding background data can be added directly in the corresponding position of goods, need not adjust position data back and forth, also need not worry about the printing offset.
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