How to store cashier system maintenance customers?

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
As we know, with the new retail concept put forward, the day of the traditional business is more and more difficult, rob offline customer just before, now the customer in the middle of the also want to rob, for traditional business is overstretched. The cashier system's mission is to help the traditional merchants solve the problem of online consumer, then how to use the system to maintain the customer?

one, promotion activity drainage new store opening or sales off-season, through some effective promotion can bring good customer flow for stores. Function system will provide more comprehensive stores a variety of optional promotion scheme, such as specials, discounts and buy with a gift, through the cashier system set up, then make the corresponding propaganda and sales promotion activity can be started.
2, hot style of goods to build two hot style
set up the goods as the effect of drainage, not for greater profits, attract more traffic, and thus sales for other goods, as for the choice of hot style goods according to the holiday, hot spots, merchants business plan to select.

3, online shop open up new traffic
offline store location is fixed, the radiation scope is limited, to build an online mall to develop on-line channel is a very important way. Online shopping in line with the most now consumer shopping habits, can also help extend sales distance, this part of the traffic cannot be increased is offline. Shimron cashier system will provide matching in shopping mall and can help the store quickly set up their own online shopping mall and bosses also want to use.
4, membership marketing follow up
stores through promotions to attract customers to the store after, will these customers into their own members. System can be realized through membership records, set cost member integral rules and encourage consumption. Customers into member, you can pass as member discount, integral to exchange gifts and so on to encourage customers to shop more, again through the old members to introduce new members, stores can be promoted in steady flow.
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