How to realize scanning barcode printed out after the same

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
Barcode printing software & other; Print the input & throughout; After the realization of the function can be convenient and quick scans the bar code, making the same barcode and print the barcode, in loading and unloading of product applications greatly shortened the time cost, then we look at is how to implement.
run barcode printing software, to create a new blank label, according to the steps, select a printer, set the label size and so on.

with barcode printing software of bar code generation tool to generate a barcode, generate the default type is code128 barcode, open the properties for the bar code, modify the barcode type ( Need and scanned barcode types) 。 Barcode printing software support nearly hundred kinds of type, take for example code128 here.

modify the barcode data in the data source, data object type selection & other; Print the input & throughout; , point & other; Edit & throughout; , in the pop-up window, literally just a few inputs ( Used as a example shows not only the actual printed) And then decide.

then choose the connection is set in the printing of the barcode printing software printer, will pop up & other; Please input & throughout; This time window, you can manually enter the barcode data, or the scanner and computer connection, the bar code data obtained with the scanning bar code scanning guns, in the barcode printing software to produce the corresponding bar code, and submit to printer, making the bar code printer can print the barcode.

is to use barcode printing software realize the scanning barcode and print out the same way. Barcode printing software & other; Print the input & throughout; Function, in addition to support real-time print bar code, also supports instant printing all kinds of qr code, the text labels, interested in a friend go to experience!
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