How to improve the rate of barcode scanners to read bar code

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
Raise the bar code read usually have the following things need to note, attach importance to the problems in the following several parts, can fully improve the bar code read:
1, part of the packaged goods, will be close to the edge of the bag bar code printing, although inspection after printing, but after loading contents, the distortion, buckling, still unable to read bar code correctly. Accurate method is, in the design of bar code position to avoid joints, deformation area, it's best to start after the bag into the contents, observe its flat parts, and in the location bar code printing.
2, part of the box, packing box when tile inspection bar code symbol qualified, but when the carton after folded, will cover part of the bar code symbol or left and right blank area. It should fully consider when design the barcode position.
3, product appearance design is not correct common beverages, particularly polyester bottled drinks, convex-concave shape xiaoping, and bar code usually printed on the plastic label, the label paste on the bottle, also with the bottle shape becomes bumpy, buckling, bar code symbol cannot be read correctly. This kind of situation, should be in the design of the bottle shape, guarantee the part of the label is smooth.

4, for the pursuit of goods on gear upgrades, a large part of the commodities on the heat shrinkable film, there are also so caused by the barcode is not qualified. Heat shrinkable film after heat shrinkage, in the Angle of the goods not contracting level off, the formation of buckling, in the location bar code symbol cannot be read correctly.
5, due to a commodity again with other content on the bar code is unqualified common food label production date, batch number and shelf life wrongly marked on the bar code symbol. Boxed food using pad printing inks, printing code machine by hand to indicate, in some bar code position on the box design and the other side of the mark location corresponding to the date, and pad printing ink printed on the dry out over a period of time, fast drying oil ink should be 2 ~ 5 seconds, slow drying oil ink with more than 5 seconds. Push after the date when the label put box, wet ink will be another box on the bar code symbol, pollution pollution as many pile, and form a stain, cannot be read correctly, it should be in the design of the barcode position attach importance to it.
6 special commodities, frozen food, such as ice cream, after cold storage, when taken out of it due to the low temperature condensation on the surface of a layer of ice block, in whole or in part to cover the bar code, which cannot be read correctly. The goods is seasonal, short-term, appropriate USES store code.
7, some commodities, especially children, between the heat shrinkable film and commodity put tags, small toys and so on, in order to attract customers, common solid crystal glue is bubble gum, often to some or all of the bar code symbol cloak, unable to read.
all in all, to ensure the bar code read rate, not only to control bar code printing process, but also to control the use of bar code printing process, only for barcode printing until the bar code to carry the goods are sold through the POS system, this entire process can effectively improve the rate of bar code to read.
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