How to implement the barcode in barcode printing software changes over the text data

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
Made of barcode printing software product labels may sometimes need to make the bar code and some text on the label data link, with the changes, and convenient products to distinguish between tag and so on, these functions to the data used in barcode printing software reference function can be achieved, the bar code and text data associated with it, then see how to operate.
in the first place in the barcode printing software make a plain text, and open the properties of the text, record the text of the graphical ID number, modify text data in the data source, the serial number, for example, production of serial number in the barcode printing software.

in the barcode printing software to draw a bar code, and open the properties of bar code, modify the barcode data in the data source, data object type selection & other; Data reference & throughout; Graphics, reference ID is above the common text ID.

so that you can implement barcode data changes as text data, can print preview look at the effect, the text data change barcode data will be along with the change.

if you just want to put the part of the bar code data as the text changes, can be in the corresponding position of the bar code data reference text data. Below:

that's data link between barcode printing software, barcode as text data change and change process, is also very convenient to operate. There will be a kind of method, text data import is through the database, so that the text data and barcode data have chosen the same database connection, also can realize the barcode as text data change and change, if interested can download the barcode printing software experience.
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