How to choose professional cashier system catering industry?

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
How to choose professional cashier system catering industry? Many domestic restaurant cashier system enterprise, catering business choice for the majority of the product provides a very broad space, even so, merchants or don't know what a cashier system really suitable for yourself, even if is chosen, also will often feel cheated, investigate its reason, mainly include the following:
( 1) Cruel market competition, the software maker price war
due to the heated competition, each manufacturer will profit to a minimum, almost all your I, today you & other; Buy the software, send hardware & throughout; Tomorrow, I & other; Buy hardware, send software & throughout; , even so, the businessman will still think it is, there will always be a group of businesses covet is cheap, like eat looked everywhere for a bulk customer, choose the cheapest, the final product quality, business services, are also expected.
( 2) Excessive marketing, ignoring the product quality and business reputation
under the blundering social atmosphere, more and more manufacturers are focusing on the bidding, SEO optimization of network transmission, as well as the web celebrity restaurant owners, focus on the hot spots, ignoring the service, food quality key factors, such as choosing such software, no after-sales service is inevitable in the future.
( 3) Burning money subsidies, disrupt the market
the continuation of price war, can have this kind of behavior of the company, affirmation is to remain unresolved, with deep pockets, the competitors are first squeezes out, and then kidnapped businesses, as a antivirus software, let us both enjoy the convenience of free software, and let us to endure pain free use rogue software.

merchant's pain points exist in the personnel management, cost control, marketing and other aspects, business understanding of the marketing is varied, sums up and is at 3 o 'clock:
1, how to let more people know our restaurant?
2, how to keep guests into the shop,?
3, has lost the guests how to get him back?
DE member guest cashier system can solve the above three questions, then, what is affiliate marketing? Why do you want to do affiliate marketing? How to do?
affiliate marketing is a philosophy, 45% dependent on the top level of the right relationship, 40% dependent on project management practices, 15% dependent on technology.
as the catering O20 concept is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, more and more catering software began to call their products marketing, opening a card, say they have a member function of marketing, to a class member points, they said they have accurate marketing functions, the merchants to fog.
DE guest cashier system, membership marketing, it is not a function of the software, it is dynamic and changing, according to the business situation, customer situation, make accurate judgment, can provide member rights and interests of the scientific scheme for merchants, membership growth system, marketing report, can member consumption data acquisition and analysis. And all this work is a system based on advanced algorithm analysis, automatic, save manpower material resources.

do affiliate marketing purposes, is & other; Powder, income, promotion, lock guest & throughout; System for merchants, the guest do the following:
1, drainage & ndash; Targeting in within three miles of the target population, card coupons on the work done quickly, reached a new goal.
2, transformation & ndash; By using the method of science, will change the guests into the shop, as a member.
3, interactive & ndash; Analyze customer preference, do better than customer understand yourself.
4, fission & ndash; The customer behind mining customers.
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