How businesses in paid treasure to dragonfly configured on the membership card?

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
Alipay dragonfly brush face pay cash register card features include membership card create, collect, modify, etc. , and alipay dragonfly itself also set up a series of interface, can let the merchants or service providers according to their own needs to choose interface for development, so as to make membership card has its own characteristics.
merchants can create membership card template through alipay, dragonflies, collect membership information necessary to set up businesses, such as name, phone number, birthday, gender, phone number, E-mail and cities and so on, these businesses can see. At the same time, merchants can also choose alipay dragonfly membership card display content ( The member end see) , such as integral, transaction records, suitable stores, member rights and interests, and the information such as grade, content companies by the custom option.

a, membership system has not been established businesses open card process

2, the original membership system has been established businesses open card process
alipay dragonfly can flexibly according to different requirements and the scene to make businesses own membership card. Specific process is as follows:
opened alipay electronic card, log in to the open. 支付宝。 Com' Operations center 】 — — 【 Merchants from operating 】 — — 【 Business card promotion 】 Template, create personalized membership card information, through the check by alipay dragonfly after membership card. Users can use alipay dragonfly brush face pay, entrance into neither ubcle nor ubc, the electronic card to get to the phone end of business card in the bag.

alipay dragonfly open function of the membership card interface
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