Fresh convenience store how to choose a good cashier management software?

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04


in the past two years the community at the beginning, fresh momentum into the bureau is numerous, in the era of fast Internet + new retail, how to stand out in the fresh air mouth, the key lies in whether you chose a good fresh management software. What is the status of
the fresh forms?
the fresh convenient business model features are: the main business of fruit, vegetables and other fresh items + Japanese goods label products, convenience for the community and most fresh fresh is convenient, the purpose is to through the layout of the community surrounding, shortening the distance between the consumer, just need to cater to fresh, the characteristics of high frequency.
and, unlike traditional supermarket fresh supermarket, requires not only to make a systematic management of daily commodities, for fresh also should have the elaborating management system. Fresh supermarket fresh vegetables and fruits, as the main product of merchants to attract the passenger flow, if the improper operation and management, is likely to affect the entire supermarket management, brand image, and even affect the earnings of the supermarket.

fresh convenience store cashier management software to choose?
goods stores fine control loss management once the elaborating management involves fresh means, therefore, when choosing software must choose a in commodity procurement, inbound, outbound, reported loss can manage to, inventory and so on each link, and joint fresh software industry characteristics.
2。 Set integration of online payment
in today's consumer groups, after 80, 90, after becoming a mainstream consumer groups, they pursue the quality of life and a better shopping experience, like online shopping and mobile payment. So when choosing software concern about whether the cashier software integration WeChat, such as a basic pay, pay treasure to function ever docking & other; Hungry? & throughout; 、“ Meituan & throughout; Such as the third party delivery platform, have their own online shopping mall and online and offline data synchronization.
3。 A member of the flexible system, diversified marketing
fresh convenience stores to ensure traffic not only depends on a steady stream of new customers, mainly to see can retain old customers, have sound, flexible member system is the key point! So when selecting a cashier software should pay attention to whether there is a member module, does not support at the cash register and PC which scales quick card directly, enjoy the member discount; The shop owner can also query member profiles, quickly understand member information, integration and other related information.
good member management system, it is time to show & other; Marketing activities throughout the &; The increasing sales of real technology! When selecting a fresh cashier software, therefore, need to understand the software does not support stores teams' marketing activities.
win altogether casts fresh software system is a set of weighing, cashier, integrated payment, the member chain, marketing, and other multi-function as one of professional fresh management software. Greens of raw fruit, fine goods management, nissin goods, time promotion, freshly squeezed labels, fresh cut management, try to eat, loss management. Snack nuts intelligent management, many packing units, shelf life early warning, intelligent distribution, electronic price tag, abnormal controls, mixed products sold; Intelligent farmers, farmers' specialized management, business management, booth rental, settlement of the contract, self-service query, the goods back, such as the screen of the public industry management solution, Use of multiple formats, meet the demand of a variety of weighing, integration of advanced smart technology, realize farmers' wisdom and whole process of digital management, build intelligent weighing.

dalian for mutual information technology co. , LTD. , with the deepening FMCG industry precipitation under the precious experience for many years, real-time insight into industry development situation, with profound insight and strategic vision of the market, at present, the common casting technology has completed dozens of chain fresh customers in dalian. In the future, science and technology keep up with the market demand, accelerating iterative, help every fresh convenience store!

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