Fresh cashier software | fresh profits must be prepared to what time!

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
High rents and labor costs led store manager, the store owner was on pins and needles every day, the heart couldn't help lamenting the numerous times: now how so difficult to do business? Facing the current market situation of traffic diversion, passenger flow concentration obviously, most of the fruit, fresh small retailers appear method.
( A) Commodity structure and replenishment ability
into the shop, people can't clinch a deal, store merchandise reserve type, quantity and replenishment ability is one reason. If the stores are using speed shop assistant, should know that in the background data can clearly see the goods in the variety and quantity, and can according to the remaining quantity of a commodity, in a timely manner to the goods to the warehouse. If the store does not implement systematic management, easy to cause customer churn rate.
( 2) Category display driver and full
the reason why many retailers focus on goods absolutely gross margin level, ignore the competitive nature of retail stores, its reason is that indifference and ignorance about the nature of the retail. At the end of the day, retailers must rely on strong item, item or category killers to win the profits.

( 3) Theme promotion and activity plan
do activity plan before, first need to have a clear direction, the activity is at a loss to earn Shouting, or in order to improve the transaction number or guest unit price or sales gross profit. If it is for the sake of business transaction number, lower the starting point to buy a gift or increase out of proportion, if in order to improve the sales and gross profit are from the two aspects of singular and guest unit price.
( 4) Member management
for a store, how to lock in fixed consumer groups, is the share in market competition to win important measures, and membership is increasingly attention in stores management an important marketing tool.

( 5) Advantage service
the purpose is to store the value of provides the omni-directional service for consumers. In a sense, the retail is service, service creates value, service management in place, but a corporate image shaping, the added value of intangible assets. Have regard customers as friends, customers will, in turn, will market as their home, have the feeling of home, the two sides will in & other; Win-win & throughout; In their respective benefit.
fruit store and other stores, fresh goods management, fresh damage, affiliate marketing is an important part of the increase margin. But all by managers' experience has lagged behind the current wave of new retail fresh retail stores operating management under the new demands. Instance witness strength, welcome to kang mingtai g wisdom build fresh industry new future!
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