Barcode scanner can read the reverse side?

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
Barcode scanner can read the reverse side? As some bar code is posted on the transparent plastic bag directly, so the staff when scanning the barcode, it is easy to sweep the opposite side of the bar code, if the opposite side of the barcode scanner can read the barcode also good, if can't read, our staff will have to check again whether just scan bar code has been successfully read, that would be a waste of time. So the customer is the question, how do you know my barcode scanner can read the reverse side? We first to get to know what is a reverse side bar code?

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we are from the back of the bar code, bar code character are opposite, but the barcode is not going to change because of the upside down or reverse, his structure is the same. The diagram below. That are similar to the principle and the mirror, is not described here, you can feel for yourself.
the barcode scanner to scan the opposite? Xing tong content through actual tests, even from the back of the scanning, bar code still can be read by barcode scanning gun decoding.
is the opposite of all barcode can be read bar code scanning guns success? This is not necessarily true, when the bar code printing on the transparent film, this is we can see the bar code from the back of the film, we observe carefully, you will find the printing bar code in the space below ( Printed on a white background) , some of the bar code may become dim. In this case, it is due to the low bar code and the margin of contrast, lead to the barcode reading becomes unstable. So sometimes use barcode scanning gun scan the opposite, may not be easy to sweep up, so if you want to solve the problem of the application, it is necessary to fully test bar code scanning guns. You can also direct consulting xing tong, professional customer service, let us help you quickly find your use of bar code scanning guns.
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