Barcode printing software how to slightly adjust the content of the label

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
Many users in the new software contact, add content, often encounter in the label layout or adjust the position, a wide range of typesetting, generally you can use the mouse to drag directly, so the label content fine-tuning is generally how to operate?
in the post bar code label printing software, fine-tuning, the content of the tag can be used to roughly three ways:
a, using the keyboard direction key to adjust, the label content if not just in the right position, can be selected content first, and then click on the keyboard direction key, from top to bottom and move around to content, use of the key direction of movement, the size of the default mobile roughly to 0. 2 or 0. 3mm。

2, the shift key and the direction key to fine-tune the specific operation, the content can be selected to move the contents of the first, and then hold down the shift key is not loose, and then press the direction key to mobile content, then every point the direction key, the moving distance of 0. 1 or 0. 2mm。
3, adsorption and grid mesh Settings to set the distance moved to click on the toolbar above & other; The grid Settings & throughout; Icon, in the pop-up window, check the adsorption of the grid, and set the size of adsorption, adsorption size we temporarily set to 0. 05, and then click ok.

Settings after adsorption grid, can according to the first step in the method, first select the content to move, and then use the keyboard direction key, from top to bottom and move around, then every mobile distance is the adsorption and set size is consistent, setting is 0. 5 mm, so every time will only move 0. 0 05 mm, two mobile. 1 mm, will be more accurate than the previous two mobile ways.
through the above introduction, believe everybody fine-tuning in the post bar code software or a precise mobile have more detailed understanding. In practice there are a lot of very simple and convenient to use skills, users in the use of, can add the experience of the function and effect.
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