Barcode printing software how to connect the Access database

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
Connect the Access database in the post bar code printing software, different from the post bar code printing software to connect MySQL or SQL Server database need to provide database Access rights ( The server, account, password, etc. ) 。 Connection Access databases and Excel, TXT the two kinds of data source some similar, browse to the database file ( The suffix is. Or the MDB. accdb) Imported into the software.

in the use of barcode printing software before connecting Access database, have to be included in the software to create a new blank labels, using a database tools to add the Access data sources. Browse to the database file, and add, and then test the connection, the choice needs to connect the database table, the default is to put all of the fields in a table is imported, how many can also see the table data.

it is in the process of barcode printing software connection Access database, can be connected a table in the database at a time, if you want to connect the Access multiple tables in a database, follow the steps above to operation time, choose the other can be added to a database table.

then you can Access database data generated barcode label.

barcode printing software to connect the Access database is very simple, and connect the Access database to generate the barcode labels, you just need to make a bar code label, by print preview can, the rest of the mass production barcode label Access database data automatically.
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