Bar code scanner in freezing solution

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
In daily use barcode scanner, occasional crash problem, two common solutions are summarized below.
the first method, only need to shut down in the type of barcode decoding system setting cross the decoding. However, because very few users use, so the actual impact is not big. We recommend that users turn off without barcode decoding types, so that we can improve the decoding speed, improve the accuracy. Such as express delivery industry is such, can turn off the both yards outside the system.

the second approach, update the barcode scanner application, update the code to put a gun can be normal use. Sometimes, we will encounter such a problem: after reading a bar code, bar code scanner suddenly crashed, encountered such a problem? Because the barcode scanner has the protection function, when reading the barcode if data transmission error it will automatically enter into the state of protection to prevent the loss of data. For data transmission failure, after reading the barcode scanner can be reused. If the above this kind of phenomenon, can check the attachment carefully, protocol. After accurate, turn off the scanner again open can normal use.
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