Bar code printer works

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
Barcode printer works can be divided into thermal and thermal transfer of two kinds:
thermal: thermal print mode refers to produce heat current through the printhead resistance to thermal paper, make its color, and printed characters and images.

thermal works

thermal transfer, thermal transfer printing is to use heat and pressure to transfer printing ink ribbon from medium to the process of paper or film, when the
sign through the printer when the print head and finale, will ink transfer printing on the tag

thermal transfer works

the printer work flow chart:
with Dlabel tag editor software directly out of the printer is to identify, printer support of computer language is PPLE/PPLZ, so want to become a printer to recognize the language, to pass the drive to generate, after generated printer can identify one of the language, to wear to the printer through the printer chip out instructions to control the print head, sensor, driving speed, the temperature of the printing, etc. The from to complete label printer to print out.

the printer work flowchart

tag of the mode of transmission:
the printer drive is controlled by the printer processing chip machine, and motor drive gear module turn the rubber roller, card is good after the print head, rubber roller and label paper friction will become big and out of the label paper.

installed printer consumables

printer structure

the transmission structure
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