Bar code printer adjust offset? Printing offset what causes?

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
Barcode printers use paper generally is a roll of paper, this kind of packing label paper printing used in bar code printing printing offset (often appear when Or dislocation) A few zhang, also sometimes appear to print a blank. In this case, how should adjust? Bar code printer printing offset what causes? In the bar code printing software for barcode label layout setting up the printer?

in the barcode printing software set in the label after barcode printing good chance appeared deviation, usually has the following kinds:
one, do not have the right to set the paper size in the barcode printing software.
different bar code printer software for some nuances, bar code printer setting method is probably caused by the differences of this method of setting offset printing.
in leading barcode printing software, in view of the bar code printer, to a line as the size of the label paper size ( Does not include the margin around the bottom lining paper show) In & other; The layout & throughout; Set in the margins were 0. Such as paper label paper is 3 line, single label size is 30 * 25, line spacing is 2. So when set the paper size is 100 mm high 25 mm wide. “ The layout & throughout; Ranks in the input line 1 3 columns, margins are 0. Pay attention to check the individual label 30 mm x 25 mm the size of the input.

2, bar code printer sensor test paper is not correct
in the size of the barcode printing software set in the normal, or offset, just check sensor test paper. Replace the paper or carbon belt & must do after the other; Calibration & throughout; ( Or printer self checking) To automatically identify the current of the printer paper size. Perform calibration paper ( Test paper) After operation, the printer properties midpoint print & other; Test page & throughout; , observe whether any offset printing content.
if there are print content migration, please observe the offset of each tag and migration direction.
1, if a few blank about migration or to print a label, or print in the middle of the two label position, is the printer paper size is not set well.
modify the paper size in the printer preferences, with software the paper size ( The actual size) Set to the same. If there is no this size options, you create a custom size directly.

2, gradually upward or downward migration
in the heart of the printer preferences paper source or media type is set to: spacing of labels. ( The diagram below)

3, clean the sensor.
if the above methods are tested, cleaning their sensors (or not, Or sensors, the printer automatically detect paper accessories) 。 Then & other; Since the check - - - Print test pages & throughout; And the process.
in the use of barcode printing software, basically connecting bar code printer, offset printing position or to print a phenomenon of a few blank labels, are all can be solved by way of. If still can't solve, you can contact printer technology there for help.
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