Supermarket cashier system need what function?

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
Rapid progress in science and technology, the development of shopping malls also cannot leave the cashier system. Cashier system not only help business to complete daily payment, is more of a complete marketing. So, large dealer's excess silver system have what function is needed to satisfy business?

1, aggregation, pay
with the popularization of mobile payment, cashier system needs to support a variety of payment. As system support of shimron WeChat, alipay, union pay wait for a variety of mainstream of payment.

2, chain area management system background must be able to view the business report anytime and anywhere, analyzing the business situation, and stores the member information management, check and order, and so on. In view of the large chain stores or supermarkets, more the regional management function can be used for purview division, set up regional headquarters, etc.

3, member of the marketing management function members is an important factor in its marketing, nether cashier software characteristic of the members of management functions, including membership information, member category, member stored value and the basic function such as integral, and according to the characteristics of the stores, set the membership card, would card and prepaid card, etc.

4, help enterprises to complete & other; Enters sells saves the & throughout; Three problems
intelligent system can docking goods database, support mainstream commodity code automatic generation of commodity information, without having to start from 0 by inputting and entry, small and medium-sized supermarkets 1 complete build file. If the businessman has more stores, more can copy a key commodity information to the chain stores, without the document again and again with entry.
cashier system only have more than four big functions, in order to meet the requirement of large business super, help businesses do marketing. Of shimron cashier system software is easy to manage the store of goods, timely replenishment of the significant role, and cashier software real-time generate real-time inventory data on B/S architecture, headquarters in each branch can help query inventory and sales data, etc.
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