Establishments register problem? Teach you self-service check the common failures and solutions

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
Restaurant every guest like a cloud, nature is restaurants owners would most want to see. But if thrown off when ShouYinDian meal, it is easy to customer churn out of the door. Sometimes meet more people, the cash register and unfortunately broken, in the face of complex machines, first two big bosses is also a.

establishments register problem? Teach you self check the common failures and solutions
busy restaurant cash register without intelligence auxiliary
below small make up to you to sort out some of the restaurants intelligent common failures and solutions of the cash register, according to this article can solve the problem of most of the cash register! Printing paper

problems: the printer will not print properly. Part of the cashier to have the red light flashing hint,
reason: paper inside the debris, sensor damage or print setup error
the solution: a, check whether the cash register and the printer cable connection is good. B, check whether typed out, whether paper or paper; C, check cash register print Settings are correct. D, at the bottom of the printer, gently pour debris out to try to restart the print,
if you use a similar sky-wave TPS650 such smart and cashier machine cabin thermal printers, can save a printer steps, reduce the wrong printing.

establishments register problem? Teach you self check the common failures and solutions freezes article

1, question: cash parked in a different interface, move the mouse/cursor on the screen, tap the keyboard there is no reaction
2, reason: overheated components, system conflict, and many other reasons
3, the solution: check whether the power supply fan and fan chip normal operation, stop or slow speed is excessively high temperature crashing.
boot abnormal article
1, the problem: a, boot after the power light not on b, power light on but I can't open the machine c, screen display only icon but it can't enter the system page
2. Reason: contact anomaly, connection error, hardware damage
3, the solution: a, check whether the power supply is connected, especially the power DC head position, power plug is damaged; B, check whether use the wrong adapter, disconnect the power supply try again; C, press the power button whether time is too long, if the hardware is arranged into the factory damage repair. Article

screen 1, question:
2, touch screen failure reason: the presence of foreign bodies on touch screen or cracks, or affected by the oil pollution, temperature, humidity.
3, the solution: to see if there is a foreign body touch screen. Unplug the power to restart the machine, verify whether can recover. If not, it is suggested that removes all of the peripherals reset the cash register.

1 online, problem: can't
2, reasons: the IP address, an abnormal equipment, no link to the correct routing lines
3, the solution: a, check the IP address and other information is correct, try to restart the front-end routing equipment c, b cable connected so after the lights will shine if d, try some other network connection can normal Internet access.
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