You and success is an intelligent cloud print

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
You were in when label printing and forth between computers and goods over and over again?
cash register different printers have felt overwhelmed?
just play tag in the shop, but like to run a marathon so tired?
ran well is not easy to busy, a day just passed, the other did not do anything.
heart tired? Is a feeling'll never love again?

boring way cashier intelligent cloud print out!

the traditional label print need to link the computer download driver to use. Fun way cashier intelligent cloud print can not connect with computer, at the same time as the cashier directly to two or morethings smart label printers, very convenient for various items are marked in a variety of environment, support different format label print, with high ability of custom.
the features of smart fun way cloud print
1, cashier and boring boring tao cloud printing technology, the combination of small notes, labels can be printed, one machine amphibious
2, the cloud to provide data, without having to edit commodity information for many times, a document, and code to print the
3, save time and effort, convenient and quick, don't have to shop assistant ran back and forth, improve the efficiency of staff, reduce the print
4, labels, style diversity, can set different labels, suitable for different industries
the label printing in boring way is how to set up a platform of cashier?

let's open the boring way cashier system in the cashier interface click the upper right corner of the More 】
in the drop-down menu, select' Set up 】

in the Label print setup 】 Open the printer in the

on the right side of the bluetooth connection, select the label printer do you want to use, click Connect 】

choose you want the left side of the label style

this is set up simple is

have fun way cloud print, one machine, save time to improve the efficiency of the
don't worry about the marathon try labeling anymore!
I feel able to love again!
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