What is the difference between the LED display screen and LCD splicing?

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
LED display on the display performance is very attractive. Because of different luminous principle and structure of the fundamental, small spacing LED products not only can realize the seamless splicing, and color range is very wide, color performance ability is quite good, but these are not DLP, LCD, and reaction speed, no ghosting, ghosting, almost is a kind of rewriting of past indoor screen.
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hd LED display
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LCD LCD splicing screen splicing screen: the advantages and disadvantages of LCD is also more obvious. The biggest drawback for splicing gap is too big, even if is 1. 8 mm spell juncture, also is in the range of visible to the naked eye, to the overall visual effect. Second picture are greatly influenced by external light, reflective problem has to be solved easily. But its resolution and generate heat, maintenance and other aspects still have the advantage of a larger, and indoor display brightness demand is not high, and low cost, low maintenance cost, LCD display advantages are still evident in the indoors, become domestic stitching a mainstay in the market.
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