What are the management features fresh store cashier software?

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
With the improvement of people's living standard, the demand for fresh fruits and vegetables is also increasing. More and more street supermarket fresh stores. Because many categories in the stores management system, have the fresh industry with cashier software has what effect? Role

a: member management
after the customer focus on business public consumption and code number into the store, member of the membership card will be directly tied to WeChat platform, business member details can be recorded in the cashier system, membership to shop directly carry mobile phones to go out, when using alipay, WeChat scan code to pay, can use the member privileges, convenient and quick. Of course, you can also use the cash, bank card, membership card to pay. Automatic statistics customer consumption.
action 2: product management
in the system can be product points of two kinds of fruits and vegetables, and record each product purchase time, storage time, etc. Can set a time remind, discount promotions for product storage time is too long, avoid the waste of product, also can active member.
action 3:
enters sells saves the management product procurement, sales and inventory data item clear, convenient, timely replenishment, avoid piling up, also can develop the market by analyzing the data, etc.
role four: bid strategy adjustment
business can through the system of statistical data, review and analysis of the sales of each product in a certain time and offer to set up the bid strategy, cost savings. System price computing scale
action 5:
system supports the existing valuation scale store. Automatically after the customer consumption to print invoice detail, member consumption, product sales can quick statistics in the system, manage system is the most convenient business.
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