What a hand-held barcode scanning gun more efficiency for supermarket?

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
What a hand-held barcode scanning gun more efficiency for supermarket?
for supermarkets and shopping malls, often encounter the holiday time sure customers are much more special, and payment will surely a long queue, in order to improve the speed of checkout so we in the choice must be patient care sweep, sweep choose good suitable code can improve the speed of the check.
since the industry later comes into contact with the bar code scanning, on the outside as long as see the relevant type of sweeping decoder will read for a while before when shopping to found a pretty fast and decoder, wrote down its model directly, and then asked the related department colleagues after returning to the company, through understanding, found that this product is from Yu Xingtong XT - 6602 supermarket cashier handheld scanner. Handheld scanner

lian XT - xing tong 6602, can quickly and accurately to all kinds of paper, a two dimensional barcode scanning peacekeeping operations. In addition, it can also be mobile phones, such as the electronic screen code scanning, is one of the essentials of nowadays popularity of mobile payment.
also sweep the yard in the scan head increases the auxiliary lighting lighting, even in some of the more gloomy scenario or the carrier of barcode carrier is too complex, can also quickly find the position of the barcode, and also can enhance general rate.
at the same time is a products designed by the military rank standard, even from 1. At the level of 5 consecutive falls 30 times, its shell is still not damage. At the same time, we also test on the waterproof function, after water, sweep the yard is not affected by any scan function.
after a series of understanding, we found that see lian XT - xing tong 6602 supermarkets with cashier scan code device not only can be used in the supermarket cashier scans, at the same time also can use to express single, books qr code, code such as bar code scanning the phone's screen, and scanning speed is very fast.
for holiday in supermarkets and stores to checkout line, if you are in distress for assistant check speed try articles and code editor, or you can try more junior partner in the same industry in the use of code, as long as can increase the speed of checkout of all code is very good.
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