Sweep code terminal using method in different scenarios

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
Although the pay is becoming a consumer pay air brush face, but currently sweeping pay is still one of the mainstream of the national payment code. Small shops lay the qr code to the checkout counter, can complete the payment ( Although there is no smart cash register to operate statistical data) , efficient and convenient. Some shops will use flicking code box or code POS terminals for the intelligent hardware equipment to scan the qr code to complete the payment and settlement of the customer.

but these two approaches are usually only support one was flicking and main ways, so some of the new type of intelligent flicking code terminal can code can also be used in own qr code displayed on the screen, sweep sweep, and both are two functions.

in addition to sweep yards pay, sweep the yard and some little-known terminal function, the sky wave intelligent small make up for you to expand your mind!
scan code recognition & ndash; — Cargo warehousing
the gun, flicking code terminal, often referred to as the code used in warehouse management, logistics distribution, goods shelves, stock, and even the goods location. As long as the scan on the commodity bar code, a second can realize batch classification, such as commodity information query automated collection. Jingdong logistics is to use a handheld scan code equipment, direct connect RFID and bar code and commodity, the user after placing orders, warehouse personnel according to the system directly to the corresponding matching shelves position pickup, don't even need to check the name of commodity, greatly accelerate the deployment of the speed of delivery. Some airports use code to identify the passenger's check-in luggage, convenient quickly put the hand baggage to passengers.
one box to identify two yards & ndash; — Self-service checkout
this kind of sweep code terminal is refers to the self-service register the embedded code box, the scan code and qr code, not only can identify the payment platform can support the commodity barcodes, customers in the self-service checkout the checkout, simply in self-service register scan code box before scan every product of bar code, to bring up the mobile payment qr code in the same scanning frame before scanning, can quickly complete the self-service checkout settlement, reduce the time waiting to check out.
real-time information on barcode & ndash; — The food and drug traceability
in order to ensure food hygiene and drug safety, many manufacturers are also for each item labeled barcode, the barcode is not only the general commodity information, also can query to their production date, check, certificates of origin, etc. The portable portable sweep your hand code terminal ( Usually connect 4 g mobile network) Can sweep code display product purchase time, suppliers of information, help to law enforcement officials and citizens to realize effective safety supervision on consumer goods.

the scan code terminal step out the manual input, flicking code a second can be realized yards pay, flicking code query, code recognition, and other functions. Along with the development of the sweep code technology, will constantly expand sweep code recognition application scenarios, a more convenient intelligent life.
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