Small problem of barcode equipment and maintenance tips!

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
With the progress of The Times, over the years the further popularization of barcode scanning technology, supermarkets, logistics, express, the library can be seen in many places, such as bar code scanning equipment, brought a lot of convenience for our life and the new experience, so if the scanner fails, how we can repair? Let me explain it simple for you below, common fault and its maintenance methods of bar code scanner.
barcode scanner to scan normal, but the base inaccurate data output is one of the common problems of the scanner. The cause of the problem is: may loose cable interface; Scanning guns on the keyboard input mode setting is correct; The wireless set is not correct. This is where the control problem to repair them one by one. Interface is loose, it is necessary to break line to reconnect; Keyboard input mode is not correct, correct set to allow English letters input; Correcting the wireless Settings.    
the barcode scanner is not normal scanning is also common fault. The reason is: may scanner have no electricity; Use the cable with scanner don't match; The cable interface is loose. For these reasons we need: check the scanning gun power, reconnect; Use the original factory is equipped with cable or on the scanning gun type of cables; Disconnect interface and connect again.
in addition, barcode scanner to scan a barcode is common phenomenon. The distance between the scanners and bar code caused by inappropriate; The barcode has defects are the reasons for this phenomenon. Would then remove the wireless scanner near or far bar code; Use other barcode scanning test of the same type, see if I can read them. If not, is the problem of scanner, contact supply kindly help you deal with.    
barcode scanner in transportation industry, logistics industry, shoes industry and so on are used to, it is an integral part of items, without it, a lot of work is not normal. Hope that the above mentioned failure and maintenance of the scanner can play a role to everybody. In the face of the scanner suddenly & other; Not obedient & throughout; Or & other; The strike & throughout; , everyone can try according to the above method to solve.
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