Section size LCD LCD display applications have?

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04

instrument segment code: LCD water meter, electric meter, gas table, gas meter, heat watch, thermometer, hygrometer etc.
home appliance segment code LCD screen: air purifiers, water purifiers, induction cooker, microwave oven, electric cooker, washing machine, refrigerator
the on-board electronic section of code: LCD car oil meter, electronic thermometer, electronic tables, electronic pressure gauge
industrial LCD control section code: the opening of table, tachometer, meter, voltmeter and ammeter
the financial fiscal period of code LCD screen: u aegis, small pos machine, paper, counterfeit detector, gold plate

health physical therapy section of code LCD screen: foot bath, nail machine, low frequency therapeutic apparatus, massage chair, moxibustion instrument,
hairdressing segment LCD screen: marcel clips, thin face, breast enhancement, straightening, divide mite instrument
electric tools section of code: LCD electric wrench, drill, tension meter, electric charge zipper saw
science and education instruments segment code LCD screen: vernier caliper, infrared range finder, electronic curriculum, the classroom clock
maternal and child supplies section of code LCD screen: milk warmers, breast pump, bottle, intelligent glass, automotive water heaters, car refrigerator,
agricultural tools section of code LCD screen: soil moisture tester, tester, automatic irrigation system, ph tester, NPK sugar meter
fire alarm segment code LCD screen: induction fire alarm
photographic equipment segment code: LCD digital SLR status window
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