Our common traditional POS machine and what is the difference between full screen smart POS machines in use

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04

the pos as a landmark product, it is a credit card and the entity industry got great progress. POS machines in the future no matter how, will not be out of the nature of its core: collect progress payment. Then today and friends to talk about our common traditional POS machine and full screen smart POS machine using on what's the difference? Friends to get to know the traditional POS machine and what is the difference between PO intelligent machine S.
1, traditional POS limitations is strong, intelligent POS evade success.
is limited by various traditional POS technologies and upgrading is very troublesome, such as involving terminal support, communication message, POSP, system upgrading of trouble; Poor extensibility support for nonstandard financial business; Terminal interactivity is poorer, operating inconvenience; Communication protocol based on ISO8385 message which lead to the merchants with other business system integration is more trouble. And the intelligent POS is generally based on the Android system customization, basically to avoid the limitations of traditional POS. At the same time, the application of intelligent POS model containing the cashier of traditional cash register, print receipts, sweep the yard, and other functions, also covers the integrated payment solutions, member management, CRM) Function, marketing management, data mining, and even the third party technology development as well as a variety of convenient services. Compared to traditional POS to meets the need of the c-terminal weakening for cash payments, intelligent POS customers pay more attention to the B end user experience, and establish and deepen the B side associated with C the depth.
2, the trend of The Times, intelligent POS conform to the trend of The Times and change.
all products no more than two directions, one is a large integrated, is a professional. Big integration refers to all the functions are merged together, the user easy to use; Specialization is to point to further improve the product's performance, professional users to meet the requirements of his professional help. Traditional POS received single equipment designed attribute characteristics has gradually been chemotaxis, Internet trend of the next three years the store management will be even more significant, businesses need a comprehensive all-in-one machine to meet the cajas, enters sells saves the management, membership management, and other comprehensive requirements. Intelligent POS network scale ( Merchant number) And eventually the number of consumers is great correlation, and the emergence of the third-party payment and hot, prompted domestic POS of a single network mass laid out, which provides the scale expansion of intelligent POS very favorable environment. Paid by financial industry market, the traditional card charge sheet and new payment services have integrated, inseparable, over the next three years with the payment of products more diversified, digital, mobile, pay financial market will be more, higher request to pay the agency sweep. At the same time, consumers in the future will have a higher culture, consumption ability, new desires, and self-awareness, the pursuit of personalized experience is typical of this generation of consumer groups. Therefore, payment mechanism will be further subdivided market, according to different consumer groups developing personalized payment products, precision marketing, to grasp the pulse of the market and consumer demand. So, the proportion of smart payment terminals will improve, more and more business environment began promoting with convenient payment scenarios, and the habit of consumers to pay via mobile devices become more mature, will boost mobile payment began to spread and development on a global scale. For the convenience of C end using many of the products and payment methods, B side need is strong integration capability, convenient for consumers to complete payment link is a key to retain customers and over the next three years the disadvantage of traditional POS machine will be more and more frequently exposed.
3, replace the irreversible, habits change is at hand.
in the short term, the traditional intelligent POS and POS coexistence phase, there will be a period of time both smart POS to make scale seems a long way to go. Actually the concept of intelligent POS out for many years, products and technologies are increasingly mature, smart POS to really subvert the traditional POS, the core is not merely the most advanced technology, but rather by using intelligent POS network scale and influence.
according to the card in front of god group analysis, a wide range of intelligent POS laid is the trend of The Times, after all, now a lot of the function of the intelligent POS also compatible with CRM and coupon system, it is very convenience for business owners friends really. So think smart POS replace traditional POS's not a matter of will, is only a question of when finishing equipment replacement. Remind friends, in the present such an era of rapid development of science and technology, pay three to five years, the entire industry will change landmark, strong intelligent POS also need to account for a growing share, perhaps after a few years the traditional POS also will eventually be a memory of feelings, as we collect old nokia straightforward handset. Hope this information help friends.

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