Know how much money a set of merchants cashier system is how to?

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
Entrepreneurship friend that I work in the industry, similar to how much money a cashier system, finance system which is better, and so on problem is left over, in their eyes, the so-called a cashier system includes a complete set of equipment of cashier, is only in order to the cashier and cashier, so after that merchants cashier system quotation first feel cheap, that is not a set of equipment will be too expensive, website said cashier system is a set of more than 3 k what covers the functions?

as a result of the retail and catering industry products, product function also to have certain difference, so all the corresponding software, the function of the software is generally cover mainly divided into four aspects:

1 cashier management system which contains the main function is: the cashier management, product management, price management, staff management, operation and management, cost accounting, distribution management, supply chain management, chain management, order management, sales management, member management, decision analysis, financial settlement, enters sells saves the management, franchisees, etc. 2 intelligent technology to upgrade

mainly include: sweep code purchase, face pay and self-help, sweep the yard order purchase and delivery small programs and other digital upgrade

3 which contains main function is: pay aggregation, fusion take-away, traffic marketing, affiliate marketing, card coupons, vouchers, management, advertising circle of friends, precise marketing, etc. Upgrade

4 digital platform mainly contain platform operation function, and financial services platform, etc.

cashier system of four functional modules can help store good operation, improve the traffic and allowance. Don't need that, if you think the small shop so hope to know about the system just cashier, so just can have the problem of the masses How much money a cashier system.
different stores should be equipped with appropriate in line with their own products, functional choice must be a better choice help stores operating, so hurry to get to know it.
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