Introduction to qr code scanning gun 7 common problem in the process of use

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
Mobile payment bring people into the era of easy and convenient, so qr code scanning gun to make a basic security for mobile Internet era. In our life whether streets or shopping plaza, many businesses will use the qr code scanning guns, unconsciously has become the era of mobile payment. The user will encounter many problems in use at the beginning of vision of today with everybody to learn and try to solve these common problems.

the scanning gun common problem solving methods
1, qr code scanning guns when using light kept normally on don't go out.
root cause analysis: accidentally set the light is normally on state.
the solution: restore factory Settings, close the normally on it.
2, scanner scans the LED lamp is not bright, and there is no any response?
cause analysis: it could be no plug in qr code scanning guns, or cable interface is not tight, lead to poor contact.
solution: first check whether the power of the qr code scanning gun connection, if have connection, you need to check whether the interface of the data line is loose, it is best to connect the data line and scanning gun in again, to ensure the normal use electricity.
3, qr code scanner connection is complete, the LED has been flashing, and there is no voice, nor a scan?
root cause analysis: internal problems may be scanning gun, are generally IC poor contact.
solution: this happens please find dealers, manufacturers for repair.
4, scanning gun start normal, and there will be a laser, but don't read the code?
root cause analysis: the cause of this problem will have a lot of kinds, the first may be the bar code system has been closed; The second may be barcode has been damaged; A third possibility is bar code quality problems, that is to say, barcode printing is not in conformity with the standards; Fourth, dustproof lens is clean; 5 kinds of hardware may be scanning guns or motherboard failure.
solution: first of all, you can open the corresponding bar code system, and then check whether the bar code is damaged.
5, serial port scanning guns have connection is good, but reading code when no data?
cause analysis: maybe it's not set serial port mode scanning gun,
solution: reference manual, sets the scanning gun to serial interface mode.
6, scanner scans the bar code, hum normal but there is no data transfer?
root cause analysis: may be scanning gun scan setting is not correct, no data transmission caused by scanning gun, another reason could be that the transmission wire malfunctioned, that no data transmission.
solution: can restore factory Settings, refer to instruction manual resetting qr code scanning guns, ensure that the corresponding set of the data line is correct.
7, why some bar code scanning guns sweep that some barcode scanning out?
cause analysis: the first is probably the barcode code system do not conform to the requirements of the qr code scanning guns, the second is probably didn't activate the barcode scanning gun, the third may be barcode have been broken. The fourth could be a hardware failure.
solution: restore factory Settings, refer to the instructions to activate the barcode code system, or replace the barcode.
through the above qr code scanner problem solution, the friends have learned? Common problems encountered in the process of using the above, can try to solve it, maybe is ok.
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