Intelligent system can help fresh retail store effectively reduce the wastage of the fresh items quickly

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
Looking forward to, looking forward to, autumn come,
fresh fruits and vegetables like mushrooms were listed.
looking forward to the vitality of spring, summer,
fresh shopkeepers, finally to the autumn informative
fresh demand is one of the most popular season arrived.

but, behind the huge opportunity
also hidden to keep fresh quick retail store & other; Miserable & throughout; The pain points.
still enthusiasm unabated heat environment,
although increased consumer demand for fresh consumption,
but fresh items decay, loss control difficulty also increases accordingly,
test fresh retail stores operating management moment has come!
in the face of unpredictable demand,
how to make scientific enters sells saves the management,
effective reduce the wastage of the fresh items?

fresh store cashier system manufacturers, when Bozz remind: in addition to have the necessary market perception of the environment, the key lies in whether to fresh fruit store are equipped with good good cashier system? Whether can system function will be used? Xiao bo Suggestions can obtain from the following three aspects:
the system background, rational utilization of raw data report
raw speed shop operators all know, the principle of order is order as much as they forecast tomorrow pin, plus the safety inventory minus the inventory.
so, how to forecast tomorrow will probably be pin?
this key from the intelligent cashier system speed system of historical sales store fresh, like at this time last year's sales, sales of yesterday, last week's sales, etc. See the grade specification and price of a commodity, depending on the order promotions, promotional products, popular items want to order more, or less order; Whether for seasonal products, seasonal goods to G a large display, need to order more; Whether for the holidays, if it is a holiday to increase the order quantity.
2, continuous attention to the external market environment fresh items
summer to autumn the weather is always changing, and the weather is an important factors influencing store traffic.
so as fresh practitioners, continue to pay attention to the weather forecast is necessary. In the heavy rain the weather is bound to affect production areas, crops or transportation will be appropriate for more stock, if just a rainy day, visitor number will decline, might as well keep some order.
in addition, some market & other Quality accidents & throughout; Such as pest, foot and mouth disease, avian flu, etc. Will affect sales, media reports such as lean meat powder, water meat, poison leeks, will also directly affect the sales.

3, the purchase order decision linkage just-in-time inventory data
in order to consider the number of inventory, according to the speed of store fresh fruit in the supermarket cashier system real-time inventory data with accurate daily inventory, orders.
but also pay attention to the safety stock, ready to cope with the temporary sales or not timely delivery, etc.
if inventory space, the size of the other factors such as whether new product listing, whether storage also must be carefully considered, do a good job to order. If can't sell more goods ordered, loss is produced.

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