Choose the LCD splicing screen should follow the principle of what?

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
LCD splicing screen not simply just a display, as a system, the quality of relationship between the quality of the whole security system, so the correct selection of liquid crystal splicing screen is very important. So, choose the LCD splicing screen should follow the principle of what? Ten points to bear in mind!

1, be sure to choose has passed the national legal quality supervision and inspection department and the relevant administrative department of the certification and allow the production and sale of products, its product quality and technology should comply with the requirements of relevant national norms and standards.
2, liquid crystal splicing screen the actual technical indicators should be consistent with product instruction is given, the instruction given on the technical indicators should be detailed and specific.
3, the technical indicators for the selected liquid crystal splicing screen, usually should be higher than the technical indexes of the whole system.
4, to the requirement of the size of the LCD splicing screen, choose is: the greater the size, of course, is the better, now 55 inch LCD splicing screen splicing gap is 3. 5 mm, because the greater the joining together the smaller aperture, such perspective effect is better. In accordance with the requirements of funds can choose spelling of 46 inch LCD splicing screen, the price is relatively cheaper.
5, when choosing liquid crystal splicing screen machine, preferably with a fan, LCD screen has a high fever; Also can choose resistance to liquid crystal splicing screen, it has stitching screen using LED back light, less heat.
6, had better choose metal shell LCD splicing screen, the LCD splicing screen has good shielding performance, ( Especially after the ground) Is not easy to suffer from space magnetic field interference.
7, the position of the LCD splicing screen equipment, should make strong shot screen is not affected by the outside world. When there are inevitable light incident, should take corresponding measures to avoid light.
8, quantity: LCD splicing screen number of the configuration according to installation environment area configuration decision, generally using 16:9, if limited space can be big size touch all-in-one.
9, articulation: should be according to the requirements of resolution, choose a high resolution LCD splicing screen, the LCD splicing screen brightness is good, 500 CD / 700 CD.
10, liquid crystal splicing screen design should be unified with the design of the installation environment, rational layout, convenient operation, easy maintenance.
choose the LCD splicing screen should follow these principles, the ten key points to remember! Either brand LCD splicing screen, its security is very important. LCD splicing screen various safety related standards must be guaranteed.
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