You noticed the details when you shop? The original barcode role so big!

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
If you usually haunts in major department stores, supermarkets, must have the details: the cashier in clearing goods, will use barcode scanner reads the goods. After scanning, all sorts of name of commodity, price are accurately displayed on the computer. Can say, commodity bar code is the commodity & other; Id & throughout; 。

if you often buy imports, may also heard these rumors:

if the goods at the beginning of the bar code Numbers are & other; 69' The commodity will be domestic;
if the country of origin is located in foreign goods, barcode to & other; 69' The beginning, then prove that bought fake & other; Foreign goods & throughout; ;
with software that scans the bar code, if no results, may also be encountered the fake goods & hellip; … All these claims, is that true?
compared to qr code,
a lot of people less understanding of bar code also.
today, following a figure,
a comprehensive understanding of the barcode on the goods.

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