Why do the pos need to provide personal information, safe?

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
In this information age, personal information leakage is ubiquitous, always we will received a harassing phone calls, because at some point, we need to fill in the information very much, do a phone number, need to the system. Do a WeChat, taobao need real-name system, or turn out, send a red envelope. This is especially true in the bank, actually pay the company's confidential level and Banks also can match, so you don't have to worry about paying the company completely disclose personal information.
so under the popularization, why pay the company need these information ( Especially big pos) Said, in fact, everyone can understand the words, because money and relevant, for the benefit of the customers, to pay the company must be treated with caution.

why do pos need to provide personal information, safe?
small make up with all the popular science today, why on earth is activated pos credit card information to certification?
a, to pay the company needs to risk control.
in previous years, T + 1 to zhang s, simply submit your id card, cash card, can use the activated ( The bank to handle the POS for T + 1) And now is the era of T + 0 seconds to, a card, one machine, a brush, money is second to a cash card, but in the fast to the paragraph, T + 0 also gives many unauthorized part is convenient. T + 0 just appeared, for the company's risk control technology is not particularly good, unauthorized credit card is easy to happen, the refusal of payment problems, making agents and payment companies were hit hardest, so the certification of the credit card information step arises at the historic moment.
since the certification after the credit card information, unauthorized groups less and less, why? First see 'card, when we apply for a credit card, bank are based on our reality to comprehensive evaluation, the discretion of the quota, the use of any exception, card can continue to use, all within the scope of the bank to master, in other words, the credit card has been marked the Banks on the credit cardholder did and risk assessment, risk for funds to be much lower; Also, if unauthorized groups want to find a & other; Scapegoat & throughout; Do pos machine, also need to find somebody to have a credit card to activate, so that the cardholder information are also exposed, in effect increase the difficulty for unauthorized members commit crime.

why do pos need to provide personal information, safe?
2, prevent the pos agent excessively while wool
the past two years, the payment industry competition is increasingly fierce, new brand pos emerge in endlessly, all want to dominate the market, so the new product, the more cashback is also higher. Back in a few years earlier, no credit card certification, and even activate a pos machines, returning to a, or infinite return, encourage policy really breathtaking!
now different, activate the pos machine must have a credit card, and passed the certification of information can be used formally, the wool party around looking for friends and relatives aunt uncle to help activate the machine son get cashback, also more than a credit card authentication filter, this filter, invalid customer want to uproot wool is no chance, of course, does not exclude the agent can borrow someone else's credit card to activate the lu cashback, but small make up believe that most people don't easily checked out their own credit card, after all associated with personal information.

why do pos need to provide personal information, safe? Three, information security

here, believe everyone understand the necessity of certification of credit card, but at the same time must also have a lot of friends will worry say & other Accreditation card information will not cause information leakage? ”
about safety and security issues, in fact you don't need to worry about:
( 1) All submissions are to pay the company headquarters server, help you to activate the machine is invisible to the agent, so don't worry about the agent chamber of commerce to misappropriate your information; Again, uploaded to the headquarters of the information security is strong, the possibility of theft is extremely low, after all payments company is clearing funds, level of network security technology must reach the bank.
( 2) To assume the worst, your credit card photos had been stolen, but the activation of the pos machine, and did not enter your trading password, credit card back to their signature cvc2 / cvv2 code no photos uploaded, brush only card and how to steal your card?
all in all, need to deal with the pos and worry about credit card information leakage, theft brush friends, or don't have to worry about, as long as it is a clean machine, rest assured to deal with, need to deal with, can contact at any time.
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