What is the principle of brush face payment?

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
Brush face payment mainly use facial recognition technology, by AI ways to capture information, is used to detect the human face image acquisition and recognition, its unique 3 d TOF camera discriminant collected by means of software and hardware combined with face whether photos, video, masks, head and other nonliving, can effectively prevent false in total, the recognition rate is up to 99. 9%

brush face payment process is very simple, you don't need my wallet, credit card or mobile phone, when payment only need to pay her face to face brush pos screen camera, brush face payment system will automatically consumers face information that is associated with individual account, the entire transaction process is very convenient.
brush face pay what are the advantages?
brush face pay compared with mobile payment, brush face pay's main advantage lies in:
1, no foreign media:
it is need a smartphone as media, mobile payment and brush face pays its medium is her face. With the tools of mobile phones without, less artificial operation, brush face pay more simple and efficient.

2, more secure;
brush face of payment depend on the biological information recognition technology, the information security audit, brush face technology is almost put an end to any imposter speculators, greatly improved the accuracy of the information than.
for brush face pay, no cell phones, don't the password, your face is the payment code.
to sum up, now is the time to do brush face to pay, pay currently face brush has been applied to many fields, such as transportation, medical, shang chao deng, brush and face the future of the payment will be universal access to, hope to do brush face pay project entrepreneurs can get some help from the above content, seize the dividend to wealth.
brush face constant greatly network technology co. , LTD. , as payment technology service providers, in biometric technology applications to provide facial recognition, intelligent AI members and brush face pay and other technical services. Could pay for merchants solve brush face to the ground and system optimization, data retention and other kinds of technical problems, complete the payment application, technology development, equipment debugging, whole ecosystem services such as marketing activities.
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