What is the difference between conventional transparent LED display and LED screen?

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
What is the difference between conventional transparent LED display and LED screen? Today's science and technology resistant to organize an article on the Internet, for your reference.

conventional led display, structure characteristics, body is thick, including box body framework, module and cooling equipment, heavy, not easy to repair.
transparent led screen, simple structure, aluminum structure with transparent PC panel, fashion beautiful beautiful appearance. Because this province daylighting is connected fully, so don't need to add a cooling device. And there is no centralized distribution box body accessories. The weight of the same area size lighter than traditional display of more than 50%.

2, rendering display effect, traditional screen color reducibility is not strong, and color adjustable is not strong. Especially the small spacing, easy mixed color.
transparent screen, fully, bright, beautiful, high refresh rate screen, floating colorful, eye-catching.
3, installation and after-sales service
the traditional screen, complicated structure, heavy quality, installation of steel structure, if it is fixed installation metope, can destroy the wall, and outdoor installation are unsafe. The late maintenance also needs special operations. Transparent screen, due to the transparent, can be installed indoor. Skeleton of all department activities lock, installation is convenient for operating. And attachment module is not welding die, a quarter of the modules in module card type, nudge from behind module with the hand, don't need to tear open come down to the module, only need to replace problem unit parts, maintenance is simple to save manpower.
4, product sophistication
the traditional screen, resistant to strong resistance, protection grade highest can do IP67. Soft plastic embedded layout, the minimum distance can do P0. 8, can achieve ultra-high resolution display effect.
the transparent panel, because the lamp ZhuDeng nudity, and light weight, the highest IP46 protection grade. Because of the need to connect the specificity, the minimum distance can only be P3.
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