What is the advantage of pos cash register? We pay attention to use pos cash register?

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
The birth of the POS cash register for cashier personnel from all walks of life has brought great convenience, widely popular among enterprises. Below, small make up of joy point will introduce netizens detailed pos cash register and use of the advantages of the matters needing attention, hope net friends like it.
pos cash register basically has the following four advantages:
1, received quickly and correctly, and customer satisfaction.
the cashier through to the customer purchase information entry, the cash register to make a rapid response, correctly calculate the volume, and shows the receivable money, the amount of money, change information, such as reducing the cashier for the calculation of turnover time, raised the speed of the cashier, especially cashier speed from the commodity bar code technology for three times, reduce the time of a single transaction, improve the management efficiency, convenient for customers.
2, support for multiple payment. Support
customer cash payment, check, credit card, foreign currency, gift certificates, bill of lading of payment. Even in the same trade, in a variety of ways to pay, greatly satisfy the customer different levels of demand.

pos cash register
3, performance, service for management.
the cash register to record the cashier in the business of sales performance and customer shopping information, reports and be able to print a variety of forms, for decision makers to improve the objective basis for management service.
4, precise checkout, put an end to fraud.
the application of the cash register, make the enterprise's money, under strict control, shortens the check-out time improves the accuracy of the precision.
use the pos cash register notice:
1, choose level and no vibration table placed the cash register.
2, the position of the cash register, should choose to avoid direct sunlight, temperature change is less, away from water and dust.
3, please keep away from strong electromagnetic field the cash register.
4 and low quality in the grid area or store, shall be equipped with regulated power supply to power a cash register separately.
5, please pay attention to the use and chassis after nameplate marking the same supply voltage, otherwise the machine will be seriously damaged or doesn't work. Cash register had better not frequent start of electrical appliances with other high power sharing a socket, such as refrigerator, air conditioner, etc. Power outlet should be located in closer from the cash register and easy call waiting, so that emergency can fastest cut off power supply.

pos cash register
6 do not contact with any liquid, to ensure that the cash register, once this happens, please immediately pulled the plug, and immediately notify the related dealers.
7, no violent vibration, shaking or knocking on the cash register.
8, avoid too high or too low temperature environment using the cash register, avoid the cash register is exposed to strong sunlight or high humidity environment.
9, please do not in the condition of electric plug the cash register in the live parts and peripherals.
10, when clean the cash register, please do not use wet dishcloth or chemicals to wipe the fuselage. Such as gasoline, thinner, etc.
11, when the cash register failure, should be immediately cut off the power and stop using it. Please do not opened or repair.
12, if the battery replacement undeserved cause explosion hazard. Only use manufacturers recommend the same or equivalent type substitution. Be sure to follow the manufacturers instructions disposal run out of battery.
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