What function is the distinguishing feature of intelligent POS cash register

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
Most of today's young people accustomed to phone with you, easy consumption, therefore, qr code pay trend became more convenient payment. With WeChat pay, pay treasure to third-party payment platform, such as cooperation, the use of a smart POS cash register, can help registered businesses in o fthe articles and docking guest mobile money, to complete the whole payment process.
in addition, the emergence of intelligent POS cash register, change is not just a gathering way, behind it is a change in the business mode of operation.
so what are the functions and characteristics of the intelligent pos cash register? Good let below small make up all of you know.

smart POS cash register system permissions management strictly;
to improve inventory management: inventory, department, inventory, goods storage, existing suppliers, query analysis review; Personnel and wage management system;
sales information feedback, the mall precious, WeiHuXing, warranty, Such as mobile phones, laptops, gold and silver jewelry, etc. ) ; Commodity sales records, perfect after-sales service, tracking service;
every night, the method of payment: automatically according to the shopping mall, department, settlement category for sale, purchase, allocate, make you in data query, analysis, simple, efficient and accurate;
the various types of sales reports, Suppliers, department, a single commodity) ; Perfect all kinds of the front desk sales functions; Convenient goods transfers between various departments;
smart POS cash register with a powerful automatic ordering system; Beyond the safety stock commodity alarm, order prompt;
smart POS cash register system between each user's electronic mail delivery;
these are small make up finishing about the functions and characteristics of the intelligent POS cash register.
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