What are the benefits business access brush face payment?

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
Brush a face, experience to upgrade a new consumer experience, not to bring a mobile phone, wallet, also can pay.
recently, you will see all the major media and network platform in reporting about & other; Brush the face & throughout; The problem. Don't feel about brush face is already with The Times. For many businesses and consumers, mobile code is very convenient, why did you use to brush face pay, today the guest easy small make up brush talk with you face to business what good?

first, improve the efficiency of operations: brush face automatic deductions, higher efficiency, reduce the consumers for a long time waiting in line, brush face pay faster, do not need to take out the mobile phone, open the alipay or WeChat, open the scan or receiving a series of complex actions; Help customers to save memory passwords and password trouble, really realizes the person and purse or a bank card & other Unity throughout the &; Consumers more convenient and more willing to go to your house to consumption.
second, reduce cost: brush face pay reduced labor costs and time costs. After cost reduction, can give consumers more benefits.
third, suction drainage: new payment, interest experience, drainage talk, consumers non-inductive pay, better experience, more cater to young people's spending habits, sales rose 20% on average.
4, a variety of payment: not only can pay brush a face, can also support WeChat pay, pay treasure to receive payments, at the same time support spend bai, credit card, direct debit.
5, electronic posters: is there a screen, you can sell advertising. Brush face pay equipment provides an open form of advertising. Merchants can be arbitrarily set pictures and video on equipment, creating endless forms of advertising to achieve brand publicity. And promotion activities, bring traffic main the possibility of a higher income.
6, the member to open card function: keep old customer help businessmen brush in the face of the screen of the device quickly complete member open function of the card, to provide open alipay membership card coupons packaging function, users can join member, member rights, member stored value, integral exchange, card coupon marketing, build a complete closed loop of the business, the membership card opened efficiency raised six times, at the same time, the member conversion rate can be more than 20%.

7, brush face red envelopes: alipay, WeChat official money in red envelopes from time to time to make all kinds of brush face subsidies. In addition, the company can also offer discounts on their own, to promote the consumers into the store for secondary consumption, quickly get the favour of merchants, help businesses more prosperous business.
8, after paying ads: businesses can advertising on the equipment. After each payment, equipment ads will jump out of the page. Consumers in the payment will be the most attention. At this point, the advertising output can achieve better communication effect. After manufacturing brush the face payment, advertising page will automatically jump. Advertising content can be more accurate to reach consumers' hands, attract consumers' attention, so as to deepen the consumers' mind impression of the brand, increase brand awareness.
9, save operating costs: brush face pay equipment has become a focus of merchants from operation platform for digital frontier is also a business customer contact medium. In the future, with the aid of advanced iot's ability to recognize human autonomy and combined with the businessman, and connecting with the merchant's own marketing plan, will be marketing for businesses to save a operating expenses.
the 10th, the hardware investment is very low, not regular subsidies, tools and additional market dividends on a regular basis. During the activity, you can buy for you each machine to obtain rewards as high as 1200 yuan of equipment, which means that the price of each brush face equipment is 300 - 500 yuan.
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