Using supermarket cash register after encountering an processing method

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
Register is indispensable for every supermarket business machine, after in the supermarket to buy things will go to the cashier area of payment, the cashier operation of machine is the cash register, occasionally meet certain conditions, make the payment of the line for a long, let a person feel depressed.
the supermarket cash register common encountered what fault? How to deal with? Below small make up to tell you about.
1, supermarket cash register work crashes when
( 1) Judge: normally register in normal work suddenly stopped at a position, keystrokes can not make any response, which can determine the machine for crash at this time.
( 2) The cause of the problem: the cause of the crash a lot, chips and other main components of overheating will cause a crash.
( 3) Inspection method: first check the power supply fan and fan chip is normal operation, such as low speed can be judged chip or power register crash caused by the temperature too high; Then the equipment must be replaced to do the test separately.
2, cash registers in a single state
( 1) Judge: usually when register connection drive F failed at work, unable to connect to the server, display for single payment program, which can determine cash registers in a single state.
( 2) The cause of the problem: the main engine failure, network failure, the background of failure.
( 3) Inspection method: first of all need to determine the fault point, when the cash register single can be the machine with other cable connected properly register swaps, such as to networking can be judged to be the host of failure. For the host fault, the machine can be on the HUB of the network interfaces with other normal connected to the cash register line interchange, such as swaps can normal host and network cable connected to the Internet, after problem host and network cable, however, still cannot be connected to the Internet can be judged to be cable fault, such as can be judged to be replaced after networking cable loose mouth; Such as swap after normal host and network cable can't connected to the Internet, the problem can be connected to the host, which can determine the cable socket has fault.

3, supermarket cash register the printer paper ( 1) Judge: when the printer, printing paper can't normal into the paper, and the ERROR lights on the control panel light up, which can determine for the printer paper jam.
( 2) The cause of the problem: paper, debris, damage of sensors.
( 3) Inspection method: will be at the bottom of the printer in turn pat, a clastic poured out and try again, after if you still can't normal into paper needs repairing. Attention to printing paper in the paper, the roll of paper to put before pat, in dealing with some debris and then take use ( Wear debris may affect into paper, gear, etc. ) 。
4, and other characteristics of the supermarket cash register failure
the supermarket cash register other characteristics of the fault refers to the printer, monitor, keyboard, etc. Through the simple equipment replacement test can determine fault source fault, such as printers and breakage, print receipts printer with no response, printer without power, display dim or have no display signal, which display a green light and the brightness and contrast has been adjusted to * still cannot display, keyboard and couldn't play the word line and motherboard, keyboard keyboard film are normal, according to paragraphs open box key can't open box, and so on, these fault processing method is adopted to replace equipment inspection methods.
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