Types of bar code printer is introduced

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
Bar code printer work can be divided into thermal and thermal transfer printing mode.
1。 Thermal print mode
refers to produce heat current through the printhead resistance to thermal paper, make its color, and printed characters and images. ( Features: the machine is light, clear printing, supplies cheap, poor handwriting retains in the sunshine easy discoloration. )

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2。 Thermal transfer printing mode
is produced heat current through the printhead resistance to carbon, the carbon with carbon powder coating after heating way, transfer to the paper or other types of material. ( Features: due to the carbon material choice, the material of different printed label can withstand the time test, the long-term deformation, paper text can be long-term preservation, not easily, not easy to wear, is out of shape not easily change color, and so on, is very convenient for the users. )

thermal transfer printer pieces
bar code printer classification
1. Mobile bar code printers,
mobile printers can produce labels, receipt and simple report in light, durable on the printer. Move the printer to reduce the waste of time, they improve accuracy, and can be used anywhere in the printer.
2。 Desktop bar code printer
desktop bar code printer is usually the cost is low, the plastic casing printer. They can print labels have to reach 118 110 mm wide. If you don't need to print every day more than 2500 tags, so they are low volume label and choice of confined Spaces.
3。 Industrial bar code printer
if you need a bar code printer to work in a dirty warehouse or workshop, you need to consider a industrial printer. Printing speed, high resolution, can work in harsh conditions, the adaptability is strong, the print head than ordinary commercial machine durable, long service life, quality is more stable, so according to these advantages of printer, if perform a relatively large, should be a priority to consider. Print the number one day more than 6000 pieces of advice to buy accessories such as cutting knife. Label recycling shaft, etc. Pieces
the resolution of the barcode machine
decided to bar code printers, print quality is the most important factor in the resolution of the bar code printer, the higher the accuracy of bar code label printer to print out the quality will be clear, the quality is better, we often use in daily industrial 300 dpi resolution 200 dpi or equipment can satisfy the precision of the general label need, if for the quality of the label or require a higher request then present print bar code in the industry have higher precision 600 dpi. But it also means that the choice of equipment price will be higher, at the same time also to the quality of the label will be more good.
mixer barcode machine interface
machine divided into parallel interface. USB。 The network interface. A serial port. Along with a variety of tieline: such as parallel port turn USB below for example

parallel line, USB cable and parallel port turn USB line
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