Thermal receipt printers of choose and buy the key points

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
Thermal because do not need to add ink, carbon belt. A heat-sensitive paper receipts can print again. The operation is simple applications. One of the necessary hardware cashier system. A few days to give us the receipts several points.
1。 Thermal printer in addition to the printing paper, no consumables. Printing paper only one side of one side coated with materials can print, the print head heat and contact thermal paper can print out the need to design. General can save a year or so.

58 receipts printer

2. 58 receipts of the specifications of the paper machine can play of the specifications of the paper is 57 x30mm 57 x50mm 57 is the width of paper behind 30 mm to 50 mm refers to the height of the roll of paper. Below the specifications of the 57 x48mm when the choose and buy you the printer the biggest paper storehouse can put how much of a roll of paper. The longer the length of the volume of the height. ( The following figure 48 mm)

receipts paper diagram specifications 57 x48

3. 58 receipts machine meet common interfaces have parallel serial USB bluetooth WiFi. The parallel serial USB port is wired connection. The bluetooth WiFi is wireless connection. Parallel stability with quality & gt; A serial port & gt; USB port & gt; WiFi > The bluetooth. The preferred parallel port. A serial port. It not only on the USB. Most traditional cashier software integration printing instructions, parallel, serial port can be directly driven, generally don't drive. The USB is to install driver to use. Wifi bluetooth is suitable for the android is no interface or mobile phone connection using the cash register.

58 printer hardware interface

4. 58 receipts printer usually have two lights, one of the power of the indicator, a different manufacturer name is different, sometimes called mode sometimes call status some error. No matter what. The state of the printer is index. General paper and installed correctly two lamp lights up at the same time. If the status indicator light flashing. Usually there was no paper in printer paper card didn't fasten their living paper storehouse. Then there is the printer didn't power supply. Feed paper called away keys, which is in the after changing the new roll of paper, you click on the paper is not normal.

58 receipts machine indicator and the paper feed button

5. Printers use after period of time, the cotton swab dipped in alcohol clear print head and roller. Clean power. Clean up play and so on 10 to 20 minutes. Electricity again when dry
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