The working principle of thermal printers

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
Thermal printer applications particularly broad, but the basic principle of work is not all understand. Thermal printer and thermal paper printing needs mutual cooperation can handle our daily work. So what is the basic working principle of thermal printer?

the first step, the thermal printer is no printer cartridges, also need not install carbon belt ( Printing ribbon) 。
basic working principle of the thermal printer is equipped with semiconductor materials heat print head components. After the printer nozzle heating and touch thermal printing paper, can print pattern you need. The basic principle of which is similar to thermal fax. According to the heating in thermal paper film formed in the chemical change to generate images.
this kind of thermal printer change is required in the corresponding ambient temperature. High temperature can accelerate the chemical change in the weather. When the environment temperature is less than 60 ℃, print paper need quite a long time, even for a few years can be turned into dark. When the environment temperature is 200 ℃, this kind of reaction will be implemented within a few microseconds.
so to make thermal printers print graphics and content, is sure to meet the need of these two prerequisites, thermal paper and the hot weather, is no need for printer cartridges and printing ribbon.
so, thermal printer can print out a blank paper? According to the following this two factors are excluded.
first, thermal paper. It is sure to thermal paper. Plain paper printed words. If specific application, is thermal paper and still can't print, you can check the thermal paper is installed backwards. Only one side can be printed, thermal paper is relatively smooth, with the hand draw a following nails, have black scratches. It can also be used to determine is a plain paper or a thermal paper.
the second, the high temperature weather. Thermal slices must form high temperature weather can make thermal paper reaction and print out the content. Of course you can not directly with the hand to touch the thermal, hand burn. If the application is thermal paper and installed correctly, or print out the word, or printed handwriting vague, most of the thermal head is damaged, can use alcohol to wipe a while, see can improve, if still unclear, most is thermal piece is broken, need to change.
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