The working principle and advantages and disadvantages of laser scanning gun

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
Laser scanning gun is widely used in our daily life, many places are used to the laser scanning gun, especially after the computer penetration rate and utilization rate greatly improve now. The use of laser scanning gun can range from a supermarket bar code identification, to some paper document stored electronically, and the use of high efficiency is very convenient, can greatly improve the efficiency of work. Below small make up to introduce you to the working principle of laser scanning gun, as well as the price of the laser scanning gun.
the scanning gun laser scanning guns as optical, mechanical, electronic, and software applications combined closely with the technology of high-tech product, is the third generation after the keyboard and mouse main computer input device. After scanning gun was born since the 80 s, obtained the swift and violent development and extensive application, from the most direct picture to all kinds of drawings, photographs, film graphics and text information can be used to scan gun input to the computer, and then realize the image information processing, management, use, storage or output.
the working principle of laser scanning gun
hand-held laser scanning gun by sending a beam of light, a laser diode to a rotating prism or back and forth on the mirror, the reflection of light through the exposure to the surface of the bar code reading a window, the light through the reflex of the bar or empty return to reader, consists of a collection, focusing mirror, through the photoelectric converter is converted into electrical signals, the signal will be through the scanning period or terminal decoding software decoding.
the classification of the laser scanning gun
laser scanning gun can be divided into two kinds of forms of handheld and fixed, hand-held laser scanning gun flexible connection convenience simple, usage; Stationary laser scanning gun, also called laser scanning platform, can be used for a wide reading, barcode smaller occasions, hands free work effectively.
the advantages and disadvantages of laser scanning gun advantages:

1) Laser scanning gun flexible and efficient used in non-contact scanning, usually, more than 30 cm in scanning distance when laser scanning gun is the only choice;
2) Density range of laser scanning the barcode and scan the irregular surface of the bar code or through the glass or transparent tape reading, because contact is read, so as not to damage the bar code label;
3) Because there are more advanced scanning and decoding system, first reading recognition success rate is high, the relative light pen and CCD faster, but also for the printing quality is bad or the fuzzy of barcode recognition effect is good;
4) Very low bit error rate ( Only about one over three million) ; Laser scanning gun shock drop performance is good. Shortcoming is:

the price of laser bar code scanning guns though relatively high, but from the performance, practicability, flexibility, laser scanning gun scanning gun price much higher than red light.
laser scanning gun because of the brand is different, the price range from several hundred to more than one thousand. Don't need too seriously when scanning gun of choose and buy the price, only need to select the most suitable for their own use price of laser scanning gun can.
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